Thank you for choosing Barn Dog Grooming! Our goal here is to provide a safe and stress free environment for your beloved pet. We strive for every pet to fully enjoy there spa day. A place where pets of all kinds can clean up and unwind.


Call For An Appointment

(603) 813 - 2013

Located on the Parade Circle
#4 Fire Lane 16
Banstead, NH 03218


List of Rates

Our prices may vary due to poor coat quality, and the time needed to fully complete the groom. But here are some basic prices.

$5 clip $10 Dremmeling

Small Dog $15
Medium Dog $20
Large Dog $25-$30

Hair cuts and more:
Shitzu $30-$40
Cocker spaniels $50
Labradors $40
Golden’s $50 -$65
STD Poodle $60-$70
Newfies/ Great Pyrenees’s $65-$100